PET Scan Its Principle and Use

PET stands for positron emission tomography is an imaging technique that helps in the detection of various kinds of cancers associated with the heart, lungs as well as soft tissues of the body 

This test is safe and requires noninvasive injectable radioactive material called a tracer that helps in the detection of cancer and a PET cancer that scans for the presence of any kind of radioactivity detected by the help of a tracer 

Working Principle

  • It uses a small amount of tracer that is injected into the patient’s body to detect the presence of any kind of cancer 
  • The more infected the cell the more it will absorb the tracer and more radioactivity is seen
  • By detecting radioactivity it will scan and produce images of the affected tissue of the body.


  • A tracer is injected into your body to detect the diseased cells
  • PET scanner runs throughout your body to check for diseased area 
  • Imaging of the affected region
  • Necessary observations are made to give the right treatment as per your doctor’s advice.

When Would a PET Scan Be Required?

A PET scan can be used to detect any kind of cancer as well as blood flow, metabolic disorders, soft tissue imaging, coronary and heart disease, etc.

If your healthcare suspects you of any kind of cancer A PET scan can be recommended to check the cause of cancer

  • To monitor the metastasized tissue in our body
  • It is also used to check how much tissues are damaged and affected by cancer 
  • To detect any kind of neurological disorder for example any kind of brain anomalies and other central nervous system as well as other nerve defects.

How to Be Prepared for a PET Scan

PET scans require some additional information about the patients and some precautions to avoid any error in the result these are”

  • If you are on any kind of medication, drug, or health supplement immediately tell your doctor about this 
  • The test should be avoided during the pregnancy and should be done under the guidance of your doctor
  • Do not eat anything for 4-6 hours like caffeine-containing products before the test as it may interfere with your result
  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated before the test
  • Remove jewelry and metallic objects if you are wearing them it may affect the image quality 
  • Lie still on the scanner machine if you are feeling. Anxious you may use sedatives to keep yourself calm.
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Why Choose the Best Diagnostics Centre

The best diagnostics centre will provide you with the best facility for PET scans at low cost ranging from 11000 to 14000 rs for the brain, lung, cardiac, etc. and your test will be done under a team of expert health professionals that will guide you to get the right treatment for yourself. The advancement in imaging techniques by using the best machines will help you get a better image of the affected tissue and will help you detect and diagnose the disease in the early stages.


According to us PET scans are one of the most advanced techniques to diagnose a no of diseases like cancer, before any kind of surgery, heart and lung diseases, etc through this technique a much better image of the affected region can be produced for the detailed analysis of the type of diseases and it will also help the patient to get the best and right treatment for yourself that was not possible earlier the PET Scan provides can for Brain, cardiac that helps in determining no of diseases so one should go for this test if they are facing any kinds of symptoms associated with cancer as this will help in early screening of the disease for its cure.

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